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Time to privatize North Cowichan public works

West Kelowna an example of how taxpayer dollars can be saved

The time has come for the Municipality of North Cowichan council to bite the bullet and privatize the public works department.

Why? The District of West Kelowna has done this. It has proven to be very successful in saving taxpayer dollars.

This would eliminate a very large payroll, including employee benefits. No more investing in new equipment, equipment repairs, fuel costs, vehicle insurance, tires, etc.

The superintendent of public works would still be in charge of directing the contractor with the work orders.

The result would save the taxpayers mega dollars and the end result could be zero per cent increase on their property taxes.

The council has a double set of standards. They spend taxpayer dollars before doing any research on their decision-making, yet in their own personal finances, they do the exact opposite.

Joe Sawchuk,