Smaller Chemainus library would have sufficed

Smaller Chemainus library would have sufficed

Budget for a palace compared to the old cave seems excessive

The Vancouver Island Regional Library system is a wonderful resource, rendering good service.

Chemainus library staff are helpful and pleasant. Yes, the present Chemainus library is small and dark. However, did we have to go from a cave to a 5,000 square foot $2.7 million glass and wood palace?

By comparison, new houses with over 2,000 square feet of finished area, including land, are going for $600,000. There are many claims on our precious tax dollars: new cop shop, education, social housing, health care, etc.

It is poor allocation of tax dollars to spend $2.7 million on a library in a community the size of Chemainus. Let’s hope that the next time VIRL plans a new community library they will be realistic.

Don Graham,