Freighter situated off Kin Beach in Chemainus in a usual designated 'parking' spot. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Ships and the ocean go together like bread and butter

Freighters can’t possibly be the only vessels that pose any harm to aquatic life

I echo Michael Smith’s recent letter (Courier, Dec. 10) as well as others who have expressed similar views supporting and welcoming ocean-going freighters finding temporary anchorage among the Gulf Islands.

They are ships, and that is ocean. The two go together like bread and butter which is exactly what they are to our economy. I enjoy seeing the big ships, especially at night with all their lights.

The review panel should know that there are many ‘Friends of Freighters’ out here.

I find it very hard to believe that of all the boat, ship, barge and log boom traffic it is only the freighters that pose harm to aquatic life or interfere with anyone’s fishing.

I, too, am copying this letter to MPs Alistair MacGregor and Paul Manly.

Sylvia Holt,


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