Saving animals Cerny’s mission at Chemainus property

Saving animals Cerny’s mission at Chemainus property

RASTA Sanctuary worthy of continued support, with the third annual fundraiser coming up Nov. 4

Caring for and feeding abused and abandoned animals comes at a heavy cost.

Lucie Cerny was obviously fully aware of that when she established the Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals in Chemainus a little more than two years ago. But someone has to stand up for animals, who cannot speak for themselves, and Cerny has made that a mission.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster for her since coming to Chemainus, but she’s grateful for the tremendous community support. Most people love animals but, let’s face it, it takes someone like Cerny to go above and beyond the call of duty because it’s very expensive and time-consuming work and many of us don’t have the time or aren’t willing to put in the extra time required for assistance.

Helping these animals is an enormous task. Most are in need of constant medical attention.

Cerny is fortunate to have a great group of volunteers, who come to the site on Chemainus Road and offer whatever services they can to help.

Despite all of Cerny’s efforts, animals she’s rescued and brought in to care for can’t be saved forever. She’s lost a few recently and it hurts.

Just seeing how the animals respond to her is heart-warming. When she comes a callin’, they all come a runnin’ toward her.

Seeing a pig with a prosthetic leg really tugs at the heart strings.

With the Dixie For RASTA fundraiser coming up Nov. 4, this seems like a great cause to support. Surely, we all can make a contribution toward the mere $5,000 goal that will go a long way toward a continuing forever home for some animals that didn’t get a very good start in life.