Pushy tactics on Saltair Community Centre petition undermines democracy

Pushy tactics on Saltair Community Centre petition undermines democracy

Some residents feeling pressures to sign

For a small community, Saltair has its share of issues and most people can agree to disagree once they have all the facts and options available. We do live in a democracy.

But something is happening in Saltair now that is threatening, intimidating and setting neighbour against neighbour without presenting all the facts and options.

A neighbour phoned me about a petition. They didn’t come to my door, but stated they knew I wouldn’t sign, but I was on their list to see. We had quite a discussion, and they were right I wouldn’t have signed.

Since then, I have been approached in public three times by different people telling me about the visits that were made to their house by the petitioners. All found them pushy, asking they sign if they believe in democracy. They felt intimidated.

One person told me a family member was extremely upset by the confrontation. Another person phoned me telling me they had signed to get rid of the person, but regretted it.

I suggested they email bfarquhar@cvrd.bc.ca and jbarry@cvrd.bc.ca and explain what happened and ask that when the petition is delivered they remove their name from it.

We do live in a democracy so anyone can start a petition, get like minded individuals and go door to door for signatures. In my opinion when intimidation or threatening tactics are used, they are abusing democracy.

I’m not suggesting all petitioners used these tactics – I am suggesting if four people personally talked to me – how many others are there? How many others were not provided with the options?

A problem arises when all the facts and options are not being made public. The Saltair Community Centre inspection has been made public with its huge numbers to bring it up to current standards. Scary, but then I think what it would cost to bring my own house up to current standards – even more scary.

I have stucco outside, drywall inside, not all my lighting is even fluorescent, let alone LED. Ironically, I have a new roof, new plumbing, doors, and essentials and can live with not having new floors, new windows etc. To date I have refrained from chewing on any asbestos inside or out and have survived almost 20 years here safely.

Diana MacTavish