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Proposed co-housing project good example

It shows there are developers out there who care

What a breath of fresh air. Finally.

It is so heartening to see that there are developers out there who actually care, understand the value of community and offer to build housing that fosters it.

This is a polar opposite to the monstrosities that corporate developers propose. It is also lacking in the North Cowichan OCP that the consultants offered. The best that they could come up with for housing was townhouses, duplexes and four-plexes. Oh, you want community, how about a commercial space for a coffee shop?

Let’s hope the mayors, councillors and directors get inspired by the vision that Amisto Developments offers, housing that is affordable to buy, in a supportive community that offers common workshops, cooking space and gardens.

This is what will keep alive the small-town neighbourhood feeling we love while still allowing for population growth.

North Cowichan mayor and councillors, I hope the opportunity doesn’t pass us by while you’re sitting on the history. Train the new members by throwing them into a creative solutions exercise.

Martha Lescher,


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