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Political snubs frequently happen

Chemainus never seems to be high on the priority list
Chemainus always seems to get bypassed when political officials are on the Island. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Some ramblings from a retiring editor:

* Why do political leaders never stop in Chemainus when they’re on the Island?

Once again, federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was on the Island last week and made visits to numerous communities. Campbell River, Courtenay, Qualicum Beach and Nanaimo were all on Singh’s agenda this time for various functions and then he headed straight to Esquimalt.

Singh has actually been on the Island several times since the last federal election. Lisa Marie Barron, the Nanaimo-Ladysmith MP, is from Ladysmith so that community has been included previously on his trips to the Island, as well as others, but he’s yet to make an appearance in Chemainus.

It’s the same for other political dignitaries in recent years. Shouldn’t votes in Chemainus count just as much? Some officials might actually gain traction just by stopping here.

* It’s good to see the zoning being changed in order to hold special events at the Fuller Lake Arena parking lot. This is definitely an underutilized space.

The parking lot is huge. The far end can easily be used for events and there would still be enough parking in front of the arena and along the side to accommodate a large crowd.

Once the Corvettes and Murals autocross event is held there in May, it could open the door for other events. Large flea markets or a farmer’s market similar to Duncan’s would fit the space quite nicely.

It seems Fuller Lake Arena is considered too far away from town to hold events, but that’s not the case. During its heyday, the arena was a huge focal point of the community.

* Why do labour stats in this province and, in fact, all across the country always show an increase of several thousand new jobs each month? Don’t know who’s doing the counting and who’s being counted, but it seems unlikely.

* And what about all these studies we keep hearing about? Who’s doing them and who are they surveying? Some of the results released just seem far from reality.

* Why are professional hockey players wearing shiny helmets? These guys aren’t gladiators, although some probably think they are. Ditch those ridiculous-looking helmets and save the glitz for the Vegas strip.

Don Bodger

About the Author: Don Bodger

I've been a part of the newspaper industry since 1980 when I began on a part-time basis covering sports for the Ladysmith-Chemainus Chronicle.
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