Owners at fault for bad behaviour of dogs

Owners at fault for bad behaviour of dogs

Animals will understand what’s not acceptable when taught properly

Re: Some dogs are just more aggressive.

Dogs, when it comes to manners, are very much like children; they have to be taught manners in order to grow up balanced. The example Robert Barron uses of the pit bull growling at other dogs walking by the window is a fine example of the owners condoning the dog’s bad behaviour, which needs to be corrected.

We have a pit bull, she, like most other dogs would like to chase deer, cats, rabbits, etc. We taught her at an early age that it was not the behaviour we would accept; she doesn’t give these animals a second look any more. We walk past a number of homes in our neighbourhood that have small dogs barking and going crazy as we walk by their windows. My wife was bitten by a non-bully breed type dog, (requiring several stitches) while protecting our pit bull from the attacking dog.

While ever the authorities allow easy access to the ownership of animals, any animal, without any kind of commitment to the well being of the animal and society, we will continue to read of situations where someone has had a bad encounter with a dog and the dog is to blame.

In my opinion, anyone wanting to own a dog, or any other animal for that matter, should have to apply in advance and have some form of education/training on the requirements of ownership.

Chris Hardy