No need to set conduct standards

No need to set conduct standards

North Cowichan going too far when it’s not necessary

North Cowichan bringing in standards of conduct is not necessary.

Let’s face it, this is the Joyce Behnsen law. The only reason standards of conduct are being implemented is because of a reprimand to Coun. Behnsen late last year following a situation involving a municipal employee.

The fact councillors and municipal staff should “instill public trust and confidence, contribute to a respectful workplace and not bring the municipality into disrepute” kind of goes without saying, doesn’t it?

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here.

It just also opens the door with the municipality’s own language for councillors who might not like each other to file some unwarranted actions.

If there’s a problem with bullying or harassment of similar issues, there are laws in this land to deal with that already.

As much as North Cowichan is very big on maintaining standards for not discussing any personnel matters publicly, it’s certainly been very open about Behnsen.

The circumstances may be slightly different, but we’re still waiting for details on Dave Devana’s departure as CEO of the municipality. No one can say anything about that, but Behnsen’s case is somehow fair game.

In a news release issued Tuesday, North Cowichan reiterated it “has taken steps to ensure that it has the trust and confidence of the public and its employees through the recently-passed motion.”

We’re sure most people would believe the municipality was doing that and should have been doing that anyway before finding it necessary to draft up some actual documents that lay out rather common sense guidelines.