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Letter: Respect the next generations and give them a chance!

To consult would have been much more trustworthy

Respect the next generations and give them a chance!

Re: “Parents protest closing of nature program” Citizen, May 2, 2024

Reading about the closure of the nature program at Q’Shintul Mill Bay Nature School feels like a slap in the face of the parents and the students. Parents have made a well thought through decision by sending their kids to Q’Shintul Mill Bay Nature School and to attend the nature program. Now, out of the blue the Cowichan Valley School District board decided to close the program at the end of the year. That the board was not required to consult with the community prior to making their decision does not mean that they are not allowed to. To consult would have been much more trustworthy. Now it looks like a betrayal of the students and parents.

Based on personal experience with nature workshops, which I conducted on a volunteer basis with students at an elementary school, I strongly support Erin Ward’s statement that outdoor education provides much better outcomes for students as it encourages both mental and physical health. This nature program is a very valuable alternative and/or addition to classroom education and provides lots of options to identify and develop personal skills and it supports communication and team building.

Taking this option away from the students is not only very short sighted, but also respectless and could even be considered as a sort of bullying — take something away what we love.

I would like to ask the board to reconsider the decision to close the program. Do better than a lot of politicians, who have no vision for the future and are solely focussing on the short-term financial gain.

It is time to respect the next generation and not to push more and more burdens to them. Show that you care for the young generation and give them hope.

Helmut Blanken


Andrea Rondeau

About the Author: Andrea Rondeau

I returned to B.C. and found myself at the Cowichan Valley Citizen.
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