Letter to the Editor.

Draft over reaches the mandate of a community plan

Purpose should be to set locations for future housing, commercial and industrial development

The Municipality of North Cowichan Official Community plan draft is primarily a philosophical manifesto. It reflects a socialistic and eco authoritarianism orientation.

Example: the plan advocates that taxes be spent to create an economic development corporation owned by the municipality (MNC should get into business?) and support businesses aligned with the economic development philosophy of certain councillors.

Example: The manifesto states that business licenses be issued only after proponents have been quizzed on their employment standards, pay scales and confidential aspects of their business plan. So business licenses will not be issued unless certain unwritten MNC social standards are met? License applications for new drive through business are to be refused.

The purpose of a community plan is to set out the locations for future development of housing, commercial and industrial development and supporting infrastructure. The end result should be essentially a map of the municipality showing the plan for growth and development with explanatory notes. If the Municipality of North Cowichan has a social philosophy for development or wishes to discourage certain types of development these views belong in a philosophical manifesto, not a community plan.

Taxpayers should be concerned that this draft plan over reaches the mandate of a community plan, and in many areas exceeds the purview of a municipality. It will send development to neighbouring jurisdictions. Please read the draft, which is available at the library and at the MNC web site and submit feedback to the municipality by Dec. 22.

Don Graham,


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