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Daylight in the morning most important

Primary issue in time change debate should be safety of school children

I am amazed how many British Columbians do not appear to know that most, if not all, of B.C. Region 7, has not changed their clocks in at least half a century.

I lived in Dawson Creek for many years and the decision to never change our clocks caused very few problems. In the winter we were on Alberta time and in the summer we were on Vancouver time. So what?

Well, there was one issue that concerned me. In the months of December and January, elementary school children had to walk to school in the dark. My best friend’s seven-year-old daughter was run over and killed due to that.

That was a big issue! It is enough to make me realize that an hour of daylight in the morning is an important concern. This means I would support either continuing to change the clocks or staying on whatever time lets the kids walk to school in the daylight all year.

David Lightfoot,