Community should be based on fairness, not favouritism

Community should be based on fairness, not favouritism

Newly-elected council needs to stress everyone follows the rules

My family and I moved to North Cowichan for many reasons, one being there were no big box stores or big franchise businesses in the community. We strongly believe in supporting small local businesses and encourage others to do so.

We also believed we were moving to a community where the local government encouraged and supported new local businesses and their investors.

We expect that all have a fair, open and transparent process when applying for the proper licenses and permits in a timely manner.

Instead, we have a newly elected mayor and council still following staff recommendations that have dragged on for several months, costing these new businesses thousands of dollars a month just to pay for their leases, without being open for business.

(These are) new local businesses that had already been established in the community. With support from their landlords, neighbouring businesses and thousands of customers they remain in the community.

Why is it that some local new businesses and their investors are being punished for following the rules and regulations set forth by the Municipality of North Cowichan, while others are not?

We expect the newly-elected council of North Cowichan to correct this wrong immediately and to build a community based on the principle of fairness and not favouritism.

Wallace Malay,

North Cowichan