Opening ceremony for the new mini soccer pitch on Penelakut Island. (Photo by Josh James)

Opening ceremony for the new mini soccer pitch on Penelakut Island. (Photo by Josh James)

Community projects a source of pride

Facilities worthy of more attention than election brouhaha

Another election has come and gone but, don’t worry folks, there’ll be another one soon.

All the federal election banter aside, it was actually a busy and significant time before and after the vote in our area.

The neighbouring island communities of Penelakut and Thetis each had major events on the calendar that signified the completion of projects that will create enhanced opportunities in both locations.

The mini soccer pitch on Penelakut Island officially opened a week before the election on Monday, Sept. 13. Having such a facility in their own backyard will be a tremendous boost for Penelakut children to partake in the beautiful game of soccer on a regular basis.

It’s great to see organizations like the Vancouver Whitecaps partnering with other groups to make the building of these types of venues possible.

It takes a village to raise a child and the young Penelakut kids are going to have a ball enjoying this site for many years to come. More are set to spring up in other Indigenous communities in the years ahead.

Thetis Island had its own cause for a huge celebration with the official opening of the revamped and expanded Forbes Hall on Saturday, Sept. 18 at the end of that same week and just two days before the election.

The amenities the hall provides to the community are enormous. Truly just about anything and everything islanders need can be accommodated there now.

And it was such a great team effort worthy of note for some of the volunteer labour and support from donations to make it happen.

Chemainus didn’t add any new facilities but, not to be outdone, had its own significant occasion on Sept. 18 with the annual Fill The Truck event. It’s always a chance to bring people together in support of the Harvest House Food Bank with donations of cash and goods.

All in all, it was easy to get excited about all the great things happening in our communities during the last two weeks.

It was far more interesting than all the gibberish surrounding the election during a campaign that still makes no sense in the final analysis.

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