Chemainus & District continues its long-standing Tour De Rock support

Chemainus & District continues its long-standing Tour De Rock support

Amazing volunteers make sure the funds continue being raised

Thanks for giving.

With Thanksgiving weekend just behind us, it’s another opportunity to remind ourselves how fortunate we are to live in a community such as this – a giving, caring community.

The annual Tour De Rock Cops For Cancer campaign is evidence of how residents here know no bounds with their generosity.

It’s a big community effort and it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed by places not known for making a special effort to support causes.

The $45,198.46 contribution made by 49th Parallel Grocery is quite remarkable when you think about it. Many large corporations in major cities will never come close to making a donation of that magnitude to charity.

And to think a grocery outlet in Chemainus can put such a commitment into fundraising goes far beyond words. To hear employees speak about the cause, it’s all well worth it to help any child affected by cancer to lead a normal life.

The Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary’s outpouring of $10,000 is a testament to the hard-working volunteers who make such a difference every year.

Other contributions from the Chemainus-Crofton Eagles and Auxiliary, the Chemainus Rotary Club and Chemainus Legion are always a big boost to the Tour’s coffers.

Chemainus & District certainly does very well per capita compared to other communities around the Island in giving everything it can. Not that this is a competition, but it’s nice to know after 20 years, the Tour’s focus is not losing any steam here.

Last time we checked, childhood cancers are still occurring so there is always more work to be done.