All Valley water systems now under Stage 3 watering restrictions. (File photo)

All Valley water systems now under Stage 3 watering restrictions. (File photo)

Water restrictions in the Valley increased to Stage 3

Hot and dry conditions has impacted local water supplies

Continuing hot and dry weather has led all water systems in the Cowichan Valley to increase their water restrictions to Stage 3 until further notice.

Some parts of the Valley, including Chemainus, are already operating under Stage 3 water restrictions and will continue to do so.


Under Stage 3 conditions, lawn sprinkling is not permitted, nor is the general washing of vehicles and boats, the filling of pools and hot tubs, and the washing of driveways, houses and sidewalks.

However, pools may be topped up to account for evaporation loss to avoid damage to pumps, and water may be used for the preparation of applying paints, preservatives and for pouring concrete.

Trees, shrubs and gardens can be hand-watered with a spring-loaded nozzle or a watering bucket for a maximum of two hours a day, either from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., or 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Trees, shrubs and gardens using micro or drip irrigation can be watered anytime for a maximum of four hours a day.

Exceptions from water restrictions include nurseries, tree and turf farms, school and municipal playing fields, sprinkling permit holders, car dealerships and other commercial enterprises which require water to facilitate normal business activities, unless ordered otherwise by the local government.

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