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Be “bear aware” in your living spaces Vancouver Islanders warned

Cowichan Valley Regional District offers advice on how to keep bears away from homes
With increasing bear activity this spring, the CVRD recommends measures to keep your home and family safe. (Photo courtesy of B.C. Conservation)

An increase in bear activity in parts of Vancouver Island has led to at least one regional district to issue some bear-aware advice.

A recent statement from the Cowichan Valley Regional District said that how people manage their living spaces has a great deal of influence on the type and amount of human-wildlife interactions that are experienced.

Attractants for wildlife at homes can be managed by keeping your garbage in a secure area, such as a garage or shed, until after 5 a.m. on the morning of collection.

“Do not leave your tote out overnight,” the statement said.

“If you do not have a proper storage space, make sure that recyclables are clean and free of any food residue, and store any smelly items in a bag in the freezer and put it in your tote the morning of collection.”

As well, cleaning barbecues after each use by emptying grease traps and burning off leftover food with high heat is recommended, as well as using electric fencing to protect chickens, beehives, livestock and fruit-bearing shrubs and trees.

For more information on how to manage attractants and to report wildlife sightings, visit

Call the RAPP hotline (1-877-952-7277) to report any human-wildlife interactions where public or wildlife safety may be at risk.

About the Author: Cowichan Valley Citizen Staff

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