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Saltair resident wants a stop to any funding on old school building

Town hall meeting and then a referendum proposed

To the Chair and Electoral Directors:

Myself, and many other residents/taxpayers/voters, in Saltair, respectfully request that the pause button be activated in regards to further monies being spent (wasted) on the old school located in our community.

The first course of action should be to hold a Public Meeting/Town Hall to discuss and review the McCauig report, then hold a Referendum to determine if the residents/taxpayers/voters of Saltair wish to be taxed an additional $3 million on a building that was purchased without our consent.

The community has never had the respectful courtesy to vote on:

1 ) Do we want/need a community centre/hall ?

2 ) What design/shape/size should a community hall be ?

3 ) How much money do we wish to spend (or not spend ?)

4 ) Could a community hall be created/built without taxpayer levies ?

As you are aware, the most urgent issue in Saltair at this time is to comply with Vancouver Island Health, to build a water filtration system at a projected cost of $5 million in addition to the current upgrades costing $4.5 million.

Suggested Referendum questions:

1 ) Do you agree the community of Saltair should spend a minimum $3 million in identified repairs to the old school ?

2 ) Do you believe a taxpayer funded community hall is needed in Saltair ?

Please pass a motion to hold a referendum before signing off on a blank cheque to effect repairs on an old building and let the community of Saltair determine how we want to spend our limited tax dollars.

Keep in mind that the 2016 Census shows 33.6 per cent of the residents of Saltair are seniors, 65 year and older, living on a pension, and our demographic is getting older, not younger.


Tom Hockin