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Free workshop for Cowichan businesses to explore ‘circular economy’ opportunities

High percentage of waste does not re-enter the economy

Economic Development Cowichan has again partnered with the Synergy Foundation and Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce to further the circular economy movement in Cowichan following a hugely popular Circular Economy Lunch ‘n’ Learn in January 2021.

Business leaders are invited to attend a free virtual workshop entitled Circular Cowichan: Business Opportunities in the Circular Economy on Tuesday, Sept. 21 from 10-11:15 a.m.

“Our world is only 8.6 per cent circular,” noted Barry O’Riordan, manager of Economic Development Cowichan. “This means that of all the products, materials and resources in existence – only a small percentage – are re-entering the economy. All other waste is either landfilled, incinerated or left to breakdown in our waterways or on our land.

“In a circular economy, resources and manufactured goods are designed to remain in the system through innovation, reuse and repair, redistribution, reconditioning and recycling processes, all of which are powered by renewable energy. The circular economy offers significant opportunities for businesses in all sectors to reduce their environmental impact and create green jobs for the future.”

The interactive virtual workshop will include: a brief overview of the circular economy; case studies of local businesses who have implemented circular principles; and assessing circular opportunities for business through discussion and worksheets, including how to evaluate current material flows, identify circular solutions and create an action plan, set meaningful targets, and track progress.

Space is limited. Visit to register.

Synergy Foundation is a Victoria-based non-profit with a mission to share ideas, spark innovation and activate change to steer the economy and communities towards a more regenerative future. Through one of its core programs, Project Zero, it is working to bring more circular economy concepts to B.C. to support economic equity, advance the quality of life and eliminate waste and pollution from our systems.

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