Congregant collection stolen in Chemainus United Church break-in

Congregant collection stolen in Chemainus United Church break-in

Appeal made to the public to identify the culprit

The criminal activity that’s become so prevalent in Chemainus has hit a new low.

Someone broke into the Chemainus United Church Sept. 30, stealing all of that Sunday’s offerings from congregants.

A Ken Lavigne concert was held at the church that afternoon and it’s likely the unknown person or persons may have believed the concert proceeds were held overnight in the church office.

Fortunately, the ticket sales were not on the premises, but the morning church collections were taken.

“Access to the church office, which is electronically monitored, was achieved through a hole, cut through an interior wall of the building,” noted Jamie Stephen, the chairman of building maintenance at Chemainus United Church.

“Because of our small size and commitment to support those in need, this financial loss is especially hard. Diminished trust, damage repair by volunteers and increased building security are additional consequences and costs we now have to bear.”

Stephen is appealing to the public to help identify who had such a desperate need to rob from a small church.

“Our mission and practice has always been to humbly support our neighbours, especially the disadvantaged,” Stephen added. “We are not a vindictive body and are more interested in restorative justice than retribution. Whoever committed this offence should know that we do not wish to punish, but seek reconciliation/restitution and an opportunity to help the offender(s).”

Anyone with information that might help to identify the perpetrator is asked to call Reverend Pieter le Roux at the church office (246-3463), the North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP (250-748-5522) or Crimestoppers (1-800-222-TIPS).