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Chemainus youth helps deliver important messages loud and clear

Loss of part of his foot in a lawn mower accident doesn’t hold spunky kid back

Darevin Curnow is a natural in front of the camera.

The Chemainus youth’s flair for the dramatic could readily be seen in a public service announcement from last year for the War Amps last resurfaced recently on television.

That PSA, noted War Amps communications officer Leah Cameron, starred the Chemainus CHAMP in PLAYSAFE! that ran last year as part of a summer safety campaign and is being distributed again for this summer’s campaign.

Curnow lost part of his left foot in a lawn mower accident. Now, as a Safety Ambassador for The War Amps, he warns other children to spot the danger before they play.

Every summer, children from across the country are enrolled in The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program due to lawn mower accidents.

Curnow helped mark Limb Loss Awareness Month in April, demonstrating an amputation does not need to be a barrier to living a full and active life. He can take part in his favourite activities with the help of artificial limbs and adaptive devices.

Curnow regularly attends regional seminars where CHAMPs and their parents learn about the latest in artificial limbs, dealing with teasing and staring and parenting an amputee child. He benefits from the use of a special foot for skating.

Although The War Amps has provided more than 100 years of innovative programs, there is still much to do to ensure amputees across Canada, like Curnow, can have the artificial limbs or devices they need.

“The Association receives no government grants, but with the public’s continued support, our vital programs for amputees will carry on long into the future,” noted Danita Chisholm, executive director of the CHAMP Program.

Chemainus’ Darevin Curnow has become an outstanding spokesman for the War Amps. (Photo by Brian Dennehy Photography)
Darevin Curnow with his special skate. (Photo by Brian Dennehy Photography)

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