Tools are among the many items left behind in Moe Vesey’s yard. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Tools are among the many items left behind in Moe Vesey’s yard. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Chemainus homeowner left to dispense of abundant items

Residents can look over piles of stuff to see if anything belongs to them

Moe Vesey has a lot of stuff in her yard that she’d like to return to the rightful owners.

A bunch of items were left behind by a person who’d been living with her tenants next door to her place on Henry Road in Chemainus off and on the last two years. Many items were allegedly stolen from around town.

“I have been working in the front yard and sort of have things consolidated,” noted Vesey. “There are a couple of framed items with names on them, there are a few fishing-related items, garden-related items, etc.”

There are also pieces of furniture out in the yard, she added, which may not be worth saving because they were open to the recent rains. There is a huge pile of men’s jackets and “if people can describe the jackets they are missing, then I will be happy to return them,” Vesey indicated.

She’ll wind up getting rid of a lot of the stuff, but hopes people who are missing items not necessarily of monetary value, but sentimental value will come by and pick them up.

“Only the person who’s had it stolen will know the value,” Vesey noted.

She can be contacted at 250-246-5381 if anyone wants to look over the items to see if anything belongs to them.

Vesey said most of the better quality stuff was sold during a continuous garage sale. There was also a free pile left on the side of the roadway for many days.

The items ranged from larger things like bikes and electric tools to little things that are not worth anything financially, but might be worth the world to those they were taken from emotionally, she pointed out.