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Anderson pledges special gift to RASTA Sanctuary

Famous actress and Ladysmith resident to help with building of a new barn
Widget, RASTA’s senior potbelly pig, enjoying his treats. (Photo submitted)

Big news coming out of the Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals in Chemainus.

A very special visitor and famous Ladysmith resident attended the Sanctuary on Saturday, Oct. 31.

“Pamela Anderson and her beautiful family came to partake in our Halloween Pumpkin Smash,” enthused RASTA’s Lucie Cerny in a Facebook post.

“It was an absolute honour, one truly beyond words to have the opportunity to host Ms. Anderson, her partner and their young son at our humble little Sanctuary here in Chemainus.”

The Sanctuary is nearing its 20-year anniversary in January of 2021 and the journey with pioneering the Farm Sanctuary movement in both the Canadian Prairies as well as here on the West Coast has been anything but easy, Cerny noted.

“So having caught the eye of this internationally renowned and celebrated superstar, and most deeply respected animal advocate to help us memorialize these past two decades is such a tremendous gift and one that we will cherish always.”

Anderson’s presence was just the beginning, as there was more to announce regarding the long awaited construction of the Sanctuary’s much-needed new barn.

“Upon Ms. Anderson’s initial visit to the Sanctuary which actually happened earlier last week, she surprised us by returning a few hours later that same day with her partner Dan Hayhurst, a local builder, to have a closer look at our dilapidated old barn and to discuss our plans for replacing it,” Cerny indicated.

“After hearing about the many challenges we’ve faced with the recent mill strikes, COVID, and most recently some massively inflated construction prices which have made building the barn out of our financial reach, Ms. Anderson and her partner then expressed their interest in wanting to help make our dream come true.

“Words simply cannot express the overwhelming gratitude we have for such a tremendous gesture that will mean so much to so many animals here at the RASTA Sanctuary,” Cerny raved.

Pamela Anderson at the RASTA Sanctuary. (Photo submitted)

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