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Blossoming revitalization hits an unfortunate snag

Beautification efforts hampered by thefts of flower baskets
Flower baskets outside the Chemainus Public Market ready for hanging. (Photo submitted)

Hanging baskets aren’t put there for people to help themselves.

It’s for the beautification of Chemainus, but some feel it’s a self-serve takeout for their own benefit.

More than 200 baskets were just hung at various locations last week, but some have already been taken. It’s distressing for the Chemainus Business Improvement Association to see this happening.

“These baskets symbolize the return of a thriving tourist town and the promise of sun-drenched days ahead,” remarked Krystal Adams, the CBIA’s executive director.

While businesses rejoice at the reappearance of the botanical treasures, regrettably, some individuals try to take them mistakenly believing that the baskets are replaceable, she added.

“In truth, any business that falls victim to such pilferage will endure empty spaces until October – a somber reality that the CBIA is determined to mitigate by taking pro-active steps.”

Prospective thieves will be held accountable, as the CBIA has resorted to deploying GPS basket tracking devices, a necessary measure to keep baskets in town.

“The information collected by these devices will enable the police to take appropriate action and track thieves to their doorsteps,” Adams pointed out.

Despite the challenges, the CBIA remains devoted to empowering local businesses with new initiatives. It is actively equipping merchants and service providers with window cling QR codes, facilitating enhanced communication between the public and businesses. These codes also offer tourists a glimpse into the treasures that await, through vivid imagery and detailed information.

Don Bodger

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