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Kids, comics and superheroes: Victoria celebrates reading, placemaking

Superheroes of Victoria team up with Greater Victoria Placemaking Network

The Superheroes of Victoria and the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network teamed up to celebrate Free Comic Book Day and placemaking with a Little Free Library Superhero Adventure on May 4.

Superheroes were stationed at four little free libraries in Fernwood handing out comic books and graphic novels to visitors. Some of them on hand included Ant Man, Batman, Robin, and Captain America – all volunteers from the Superheroes of Victoria.

“Reading is a superpower. Literacy is a cause that has always been near and dear to the Superheroes of Victoria, so we’re excited to partner with the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network to share our love of reading with the Fernwood community,” said Sonia Nicholson, marketing director for Superheroes of Victoria.

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Fernwood has some of the highest numbers of the book exchanges in Greater Victoria, according to the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network which helps promote, stocks and maps little free exchanges. Since 2017, the project has delivered more than 85,000 books to little free libraries across the CRD, mapped 835 and helped set up more than 125.

“Placemaking entails softening the hard edges of the city, and designing community spaces to help connect people, and we wanted to celebrate placemaking in the region in a super-powered way,” said Teale Phelps Bondaroff, volunteer lead of the GVPN’s Pocket Places Project. “I was delighted to see so many young people come out and many of them were in costume as well, we had at least three Batpeople and the Spider-verse was very well-represented.”

A growing number of little free libraries specialize in a certain type of book (poetry, children’s books, French books) while other are dedicated to sharing plants, seeds, toys, household items, board games, puzzles, art supplies, art, food, and more.

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