Not much time for skaters to make their mark at Island Interclub Competition

Not much time for skaters to make their mark at Island Interclub Competition

Fuller Lake members deal with the pressure of performing well on the ice in just two minutes

Two minutes. That’s all the time skaters have after many, many hours of practice to lay everything on the line during the Island Interclub Competition.

In the equivalent of perhaps two shifts for a hockey player, Fuller Lake Skating Club members did their best to showcase their talents on the ice during the high-profile event at Kerry Park Arena.

It worked out great for some and not so well for others. But even those Fuller Lake skaters who finished lower in their divisions had moments of glory; it may have been just a sudden fall or a brief slip-up when things went awry.

Fuller Lake had one of the largest turnouts of the 15 skating clubs from around the Island, with 20 skaters entered – including three in more than one event.

Coach Shannon McKinlay was pleased with the performance of her skaters, even if the results didn’t always show how well they did because of those aforementioned minor glitches to their programs.

“Competing is just a different dynamic,” she explained.

McKinlay always relates back to her own personal experiences as a skater.

“I was always a ball of nerves,” she recalled.

But McKinlay (nee Knott) enjoyed a long tenure as a show skater during her time in the sport so there’s always good things that can come from hard work and repetition to get it right.

Included among the best results for the young skaters was a Gold level for Mica Torres Hernandez in Star 2.

“She was awesome,” McKinlay indicated. “She had this little Michael Jackson routine.”

Ryan Curnow excelled in Star 1 with a Silver designation.

“He did really well,” praised McKinlay. “I think he’s enjoying it more now.”

Both Torres Hernandez and Curnow are among those skaters who are “good under pressure,” she added. “They actually do better at competitions.”

Alexandra Fernau made her mark with a Silver standing in Star 2.

Jazmin Wheeler, the only skater doing a three-minute routine, claimed a silver medal for Star 9 and came fourth in Star 10.

“She’s competing really well,” noted McKinlay.

Caiden Varasteh did double duty, with 11th place in Star 6 and a gold medal for her Silver Interpretive performance.

Introductory and Bronze Interpretive events brought silver medals for both Sophie Dawe and Brielle Varasteh, respectively.

Star 5 results included a 10th place for Aaliyah Ward and 12th for Sophie Dawe. Both displayed great execution during various parts of their programs.

In Star 4 11 and Over, Lucy Street came fifth, Brooklyn Puska was 10th and Isabel Anderson finished 14th.

Julia Hussey placed fourth in the Star 4 10 and Under division.

Star 3 Silver status went to Amanda Nagy.

Receiving Bronze marks for Star 2 were: Daphne Anderson, Jasmine Taylor, Hannah Wilson and Olivia Stuart.

Additional Star 1 results featured Taylor Laronde and Naomi Curnow both at the Bronze level.


Not much time for skaters to make their mark at Island Interclub Competition