Why no mention of Chemainus in weather reports?

Why no mention of Chemainus in weather reports?

Surely, the community’s status as a tourist destination makes it worthy of a mention

Is there any good reason for not including Chemainus in the daily CHEK-TV and Channel 12 weather reports?

The stations’ reports for Central Vancouver Island include Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Duncan and Lake Cowichan. How about a graphic showing Ladysmith/Chemainus on the screen with a quick mention by the reporter?

Surely, Chemainus, being one of the Island’s popular tourist destinations visited during all seasons of the year, renders it worthy of a mention.

Perhaps the Chemainus Chamber of Commerce would care to address this issue with the Victoria television stations.

Not taking anything away from our U.S. neighbours in Port Angeles, which is shown in the weather reports, why not Chemainus?

Claude Burroughs