Santa draws a crowd at Little Town Christmas in Chemainus. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Santa draws a crowd at Little Town Christmas in Chemainus. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Volunteers create holiday magic in Chemainus, Crofton

Little Town Christmas, Crofton parade two fine examples of community festive spirit

We are indeed fortunate in Chemainus and Crofton to have so many people who are incredible organizers.

Others are willing, but maybe not quite leadership material. Their assistance under the guidance of someone else is always appreciated to help make community events happen.

And then there are those who simply just don’t have what it takes to provide any input. That’s OK, too, as long as they’re among the people getting a chance to enjoy the fruits of so many labours.

Last weekend’s Little Town Christmas in Chemainus and the Crofton Christmas parade were two great examples of why living in small communities is extra special at this time of year. Big-city events just don’t have the same intimate neighbour gathering alongside neighbour feel.

Christina Godbolt and crew put together another fine program at the Chemainus Legion Hall, geared toward the kiddies with games, activities, photos with Santa and Christmas music, but also an outing for adults to savour with them.

Some kids stayed stationed at the colouring area for a long time and it’s a unique idea for the young ones to assist in the making of a wreath that could be presented to their parents or grandparents.

Gabor Horvath and his elves do a fantastic job assembling the Crofton parade. Everyone gets a good look at the entries along Robert Street and Joan Avenue and you have to marvel at the time and effort put in by participants to assemble floats.

It’s as good of a small-town parade as you’re going to see so full credit to everyone involved.

Several people are obviously in the parade that takes away from the potential crowd size so it would actually be wonderful to see more coming out to appreciate it.

It only takes in the vicinity of a short 15 minutes and just naturally brings a smile to your face.

Always remember, these events are only as good as the community wants them to be so strong support is essential for continued success and a way to brighten up the holidays in our own small, but spectacular way.