Usable timber should not be allowed to rot

Usable timber should not be allowed to rot

Blowdown wood from last year’s windstorm salvageable

Many areas in the Cowichan Valley suffered extensive blowdown in last winter’s storm.

An example is the Fuller Lake walking trail which was reopened by someone cutting the fallen trees. However, there is a considerable amount of merchantable timber left beside the trail. This is a valuable resource that should be salvaged for several reasons.

• Like any of the earth’s resources that are increasingly in demand by a growing world population usable timber should not be allowed to rot.

• Wood salvage is an important form of recycling.

• Many sawmills in B.C. are closing, in part due to a decreasing log supply. How can we let timber rot when it could support employment, our local economy and be converted into a product useful to mankind?

Municipality of North Cowichan council should be urged to make arrangements to save this resource in an ecologically friendly manner, not only in this area but on other municipal lands.

Don Graham,