The 49th Parallel Grocery group, from left, of: Karen, ?, Paul MacGregor and Lori Douglas.

The 49th Parallel Grocery group, from left, of: Karen, ?, Paul MacGregor and Lori Douglas.

There’s a great chance to cash in at Chemainus Legion bingo

Organization’s activities raise an incredible amount of funds for a variety of organizations

Welcome to the newest Chemainus Courier column written by me, Brittany Pickard-Brown, otherwise known as A Social Bee. You might not know me yet, but I’m sure you’ve heard of me or my family.

My mission for this column is to bring the community together and to keep it in the know. I am excited to bring the reader highlights, updates and information on local events, organizations and activities.

For my first column, I wanted to talk about an organization that is near and dear to me – Chemainus Legion Branch 191. The Legion is a place my Grandfather David Pickard called bingo and volunteered for over 30 years and my Grandmother Louise Sharp was past president and my parents got married there in 1986.

Are you aware the Legion raised over $40,000 in 2017 alone, and over $400,000 in the last 10 years? These funds go into contributing to many fortunate beneficiaries throughout our little town such as Cadets Canada, Chemainus Harvest House Food Bank, Breakfast Program at our local schools, Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society, veteran services and the list goes on. There are most likely many more that benefit. As I am still new, I am learning of the others.

The largest contributor to the fundraising goals is the ongoing, legendary and fun Friday Night Bingo which raised over $18,000 in 2017. Last year, I started volunteering at this ever so popular night where devoted Bingoers come from near and far all hoping for the chance to win that Jackpot Bonanza.

In my short time there, I have come to understand the amount of effort it takes for an organization to be 90 per cent volunteer operated. The following crew – my new best friends – Janet Mitchell, Kathy Copley, Delaine Arid and Wes Everitt (pictured) and Verla Blogg of the Chemainus Community Band are part of the volunteers who donate over 700 hours per year to ensure the Bingo Program runs smoothly. That’s right, over 700 hours.

Our community is fortunate to have the membership, who are passionate about making our town a better place and give our youth a bit more opportunity. The Legion is a wonderful, fun organization that welcomes all new members with open arms. Be sure to come to bingo this Friday night, doors open 5:30 p.m. and bingo starts at promptly 6:30 p.m.

I certainly could feel the excitement in the air last week with the $2,000 Bonanza jackpot dangling just one number away, but it didn’t happen. So come out and support us this week and maybe your cards will have the lucky numbers. Hope to see you there.

New members are always welcome. Call (250) 246-3133. I am sure glad I joined.


Chemainus CATastrophe is thankful to the community for its generous donations of food and money. With your support, the organization has been able to provide a better quality of life for feral cats.

The small group of Chemainiacs voluntarily manages a large colony of feral cats, estimated at about 100, in our town. The group works under the umbrella of Cowichan Cat Rescue.

Trapping has now started and foster homes are needed. Once the cats have been released from the vet, they need to be cared for until they can be moved to a barn home, a forever home or released back. Fostering usually involves five days of caring for a cat(s). Barns are also needed where these spayed or neutered cats will live permanently.

The newest fundraiser involves Chemainus 49th Parallel Grocery store that’s generously offered to have donation tins at the cashier checkouts thaks to Paul MacGregor? and staff.

Food and cash donations are most welcome at Downtown Auto in Chemainus. These outdoor cats battle the elements daily to survive. They need food and human care.

If you are interested in helping out, please email or Facebook@chemainuscatastrophe.

Brittany Pickard-Brown in a Chemainus resident and a realtor with Re/Max Ocean Pointe.


A feral kitten.

A feral kitten.