Letters to the editor.

Theory of big bangs being fun traumatic for others

Celebratory fireworks a selfish act

Amid a precious family visit here over New Years, the harsh reality of fireworks or firecrackers going off ‘imploded’ a brutal awakening in our home.

As the parents slept downstairs with the new baby, our 3 1/2 year old grandson woke just after midnight, screaming about ‘bangs.’

Fortunately, we were just a short distance down the hall, with a well lit pathway for him. Our little guy was absolutely terrified about the loud bangs outside and feared the bright lights.

He literally clung to his grandma and buried his head into me as we comforted him in our bed. Naturally, he was afraid to go back to his own bed and remained with us through the night.

This is such a distressing and traumatic experience for a little person, due to some individuals’ idea of fun.

We wonder how many other children/people in our community were also disturbed by fireworks at the midnight hour of New Years.

Can we rise above these incredibly loud and selfish celebratory acts at the expense of others?

Louise Rueger,


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