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The human brain, the first computer, still wired the same

The hardware and basic behaviour hasn’t really changed at all

We are yet again being deluged with the behaviour of one segment of the community against others, in its many forms. We should not really be surprised.

For the purpose of discussion we can say that the human brain was the original computer. Just like all computers the human one is hard wired for basic functions and over time software functions have been added. The hardware, and therefore our basic behaviour has not really changed at all.

We are still hard wired to stand in the mouth of our cave with a pointed stick. We defend our cave in any way that we can and we try to take over some else’s cave whenever either the need arises or just because we can. Nothing has changed with this basic outlook and drive.

The world is still tribal and the strong still prey on the weak. The words invasion and immigration can often be interchangeable; the end result basically is the same. A basic way of life is changed by the domination of the invaders.

Nothing has changed over thousands of years. As an example, the way the original inhabitants of Britain were invaded over time by the Vikings, the Romans, the Saxons and the Normans. Move forward a couple of thousand years and North America was invaded by Europeans and others.

The effect and suffering was the same. Domination.

Today the countries with the biggest stick are still invading others for their own benefit.

Various software programs have been added over time that can modify the hard wire, when used, but the hard wire system remains unchanged.

We cannot legislate change to human behaviour. If we could, there would be no murder, theft or speeding because there are laws that prohibit them.

Meaningful change will only happen with education and time, and by time I mean many generations.

It may not be pretty, and we may not accept it for what it is, but the human computer is still evolving and is very much a work in progress.

Roy Summerhayes,


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