Letter to the editor.

Supposed plan to the climate emergency woefully inadequate

North Cowichan plan formulated a few years ago doesn’t seem to be gathering any steam

It becomes clearer every day that our elected representatives are neither tuned in to the climate emergency facing us, nor are they listening to informed opinion on the matter.

North Cowichan is said to have a plan. It was formulated a few years ago and gained some attention at the time. But where has it got us? Perhaps the mayor or chair of the on-again, off-again committee that is supposed to be responsible for this could comment on the matter, if only to let us know council has not forgotten all about it.

By themselves individuals can only do so much. In the end governments, however reluctant and timid, must be the agents of change.

For example, when will council and, through it the Cowichan Valley Regional District, stop supporting the fossil fuel industries by purchasing gasoline or diesel-fuelled vehicles when electric cars, trucks, buses, even garbage and recycling trucks are currently available? Even Harbour Air is converting its entire fleet of aircraft to electric. And BC Ferries is converting many of its ships.

Yes, Fuller Lake Arena has an e-Zamboni, and good for them. But there is so much more that could be done through extending solar hot water and power generation, lobbying for improved building standards with immediate effect, requiring retro-fitting of older housing stock with upgraded insulation, double or triple glazed windows, and non-fossil-fuelled heating systems.

Isn’t it time to require the installation of heat pumps in all new construction, with immediate effect? The health of our citizens requires the phasing out of wood-fired home heating as well. It is also time to put an end to the notion that so-called ‘bio-fuels’ are, by some process of magical thinking, good for the environment. Burning one hydro-carbon is much like burning another and has no place in a carbon zero economy.

Until our governments come to grips with the urgency of the climate crisis, we are in deep trouble. Efforts to date, remain woefully, shamefully, inadequate.

Tom Masters,


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