Letters to the editor.

Support for all health care employees

Time to stand up and support our health services employees and all front-line staff

Now, especially, is the time to show our strong support for those very special people that work in our health care systems.

Given that the (hugely) vast majority of citizens respect and deeply appreciate these very special, committed health care services folks. We really need to make the effort to express to medical centres, the staff, our acknowledgement for the jobs they do.

Remember when we rang bells, honked horns in the past at 7 p.m. in many areas of the province? Signs of appreciation went up, cards were sent, most of us felt very proud, deeply thankful to these folks. As well, we also felt really good letting them know how we feel about all of them and the jobs they are doing for all of us.

Right now, we personally feel a sense of embarrassment, even shame for those individuals (yes, they are a slim minority, with loud ugly voices and behaviour), who would actually abuse the people that are caring for us, protecting us and serving our health needs. And, yet, we know when, and if, one of these abusive ‘protesters’ become seriously ill, or need emergency care, they will receive it without question. Maybe that is what it will take for their thinking and behaviour to become rational?

To those ‘protesters’ out there, we ask you, how is it humanly possible to conduct yourselves in this way? Are you next going to protest laws against drinking and driving? Seat belt requirements? Or, wanting the right to speed in school zones? Your unacceptable, unlawful, dangerous behaviour is infringing on all our rights.

So, to the majority of folks out there, let’s make every effort to try and counter the abuse, negative actions of the few ‘disconnected’ people. Let’s start celebrating all the people on all the front lines: health workers, responders, service sector employees, any kind of support will help, even a few kind words. Maybe we can counteract the thugs, the haters, their abusive behaviours. And really, what is the big deal with putting a mask on when in places that are required? So, please, think of those out there, trying to do their jobs.

Deepest gratitude to all of you out there serving all of us, everywhere. We are very grateful and proud of all of you.

Steve, Myla and Jacob Frankel,


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