Return of RCMP detachment in Chemainus and Crofton a necessity

Thieves responsible for far too many crimes this summer must be stopped

Return of RCMP detachment in Chemainus and Crofton a necessity

The time is way past due to bring back an RCMP detachment to serve Chemainus, Crofton and the surrounding area.

If there’s a resource that needs expansion in these days of constant cutbacks, it’s policing.

You probably won’t find too many people around the region who’d argue against spending whatever money it takes to make that happen.

Criminal activity in Crofton and Chemainus is currently occurring at an alarming rate. This summer has been particularly bad, with both businesses and residents being hit pretty hard by petty thefts, break-and-enters and worse.

The sharp rise in illegal activity can be attributed to both transients roaming through our towns looking for easy targets as well as locals. Between those fueled by drugs and associated mental health issues likely resulting from high drug use, and restless, misguided youth, it’s been a recipe for disaster.

People aren’t going to stand for it anymore. A BlockWatch program is gaining ground in Crofton that will keep an eye out for offenders and report the increasing suspicious actions to police.

But we also need better police protection. When costs of so many other societal needs are taken into account, this should be No. 1.

We can’t let the lawless actions of the few braindeads who have no sense of purpose to spoil the lifestyle we’ve come to enjoy in this part of the world.

Having a stronger police presence will make a huge difference. Bringing back a local detachment has been talked about for many years and there’s now a sense of urgency since so many people are reporting incidents on a regular basis.

We needs these dregs of society eliminated from having such a negative impact on our communities. For now, the diligence of residents will keep them under wraps until the force builds again.