Letter to the editor.

Rail corridor upgrade would be visibly appealing and useful

It’s about time for proper ownership and maintenance of property

Re: Article on deadline looms to resurrect rail corridor.

We look forward to seeing this project move forward. Not only should it reduce the commuter traffic on the very busy No. 1 highway, it would address the very visible lack of maintenance on and beside the line in the Chemainus area.

Residents and visitors have had to view a pile of old used railway ties by the roundabout near the Mount Brenton Golf Club as they enter Chemainus far too long. It is particularly noticeable right next to the wonderful upgrades to the entrance coming into Chemainus.

In addition, our concern extends to the lack of maintenance on the existing rail line property regarding downed trees along with an area across from the Applewood Estates that is being used as a car lot for used vehicles, camping and a dumping ground for garbage.

We look forward to someone taking ownership of this property and maintaining it responsibly.

Don & Gerry Timlick,