Proportional representation murky

Proportional representation murky

First past the post system is traditional, and understandable

We have just ended our civic elections in British Columbia. There were winners and losers. It was first past the post voting system. Some of those we voted for achieved their goal in local councils, municipalities, regional districts and school boards.

Winners or not, those people wanted to serve their community in the best possible way and were known to the voters. They were people who were not afraid to be accountable to their community because of the trust given them by the people for the people.

First past the post system is traditional, and understandable by the voters at all levels in B.C. We vote for a recognizable MLA. Someone who has their constituents’ interests at heart and is given the opportunity to prove that is their motive for representing their people.

It is then up to their constituents to judge whether they are worthy of re-election. Then there is always ‘recall’ if things are not satisfactory with the electorate.

Proportional representation seems rather murky for the people of British Columbia. We like to elect our own MLAs, win or lose, not some unknown choosing for us.

First past the post gets my vote. Long live democracy in Beautiful B.C.

Morag M. Gilchrist