Letter to the editor.

Premier part of the deficit problem

Handouts in financial relief are all interest free and non-refundable

It is true that COVID-19 has caused major financial problems for all governments worldwide.

In B.C., our premier John Horgan is blaming our growing provincial deficit because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He is also a part of the deficit problem. Why? He has given out billions in financial relief to all jurisdictions in the province that are interest free and non-refundable.

That is a great accomplishment on behalf of Horgan. Where he is at fault on this accomplishment is that the B.C. government does not have the money, and he just keeps borrowing the money for these financial handouts.

His job is to put a handle on these financial payouts and to immediately start controlling expenses.

Why? He controls his own personal finances. Why have a different vision when it comes to B.C. taxpayer dollars.

The B.C. deficit is climbing steadily and the deficit will have to be paid down by the B.C. taxpayers.

My crystal ball states that Horgan does not care about the climbing deficit, because the next B.C. provincial election is three years away, and he will step down to retire from politics.

Whoever replaces Horgan will inherit the deficit problem.

Politics is a burden on personal health and family.

Recently, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia premiers have retired and the Manitoba premier says that he will be retiring, too.

Joe Sawchuk,


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