Plenty of value in a Chemainus paper

Plenty of value in a Chemainus paper

Any indication that a community paper doesn’t have value is absurd

This paper has taken some heat since going to a weekly publication at the end of June.

We’re all for constructive criticism, but certain comments have bordered on the ridiculous. The most preposterous response we received came from a Chemainus couple, indicating a Chemainus-only (actually, Chemainus, Saltair and Crofton, but we digress) paper “has no value.”

No value?

Let’s ask Teresa Cabott, the mother of football player Brayden Belton, if there was any value in a recent profile in the Courier about how her son’s hard work and dedication to the game landed him a spot on the Vancouver Island Raiders.

Or how about the Rukus family in Crofton? You think an article about how family members have been part of the North Cowichan Crofton Fire Department for nearly 50 years isn’t worthy of recognition?

Numerous articles or features have been done profiling certain members of the community, whether young or old, for making a difference and hopefully providing inspiration to others.

In the bigger picture combined with Duncan news, most of these types of stories would never be written.

Many people go above and beyond the call of duty to make this a better place. There’s also those who are doing nothing and obviously have time on their hands that could be better spent.

If you fall into that latter category, maybe it’s time to think about lending a hand to a service organization or a fundraising cause because there are never enough volunteers to go around.

Value is in the eyes of the beholder. Some people need to open their eyes to what’s going on around them.