Letters to the editor.

No reason for so much littering in the community

Pick up after yourselves, people

I have lived in Chemainus for about two years now.

It’s a beautiful community for many reasons. As I walk with my dog, I have noticed a fair amount of garbage, mainly plastics and returnable drink containers that have been discarded in public spaces. Some of it within several feet of garbage bins.

I pick up this mess when I’m able, mainly using dog poop bags but lately they are not big enough to pack all this garbage away. While it’s understandable that some plastics can get discarded without intention, there is absolutely no reason to just use our public spaces as garbage disposals with no regard to the consequences of its impact to our environment.

Parents, please teach your children to pick up after themselves and to try and leave minimum footprints along the way. It’s going to take effort from everyone to clean up this planet and public littering is just unacceptable in any community.

Tony Longman,


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