Letter to the editor.

Many questions about proposal to automate garbage collection

While filling out the survey, questions found to be vague and detailed justification non-existent

The recent request for feedback from residents concerning the proposal that would see North Cowichan go to automated truck dumper appears to be window dressing for a decision which has already been made.

While filling out the survey, I found the questions to be vague and the detailed justification to be non-existent. The comments and questions section allowed for a few lines of text and nothing more. I challenge North Cowichan to provide details of which other governments currently or previously used similar systems and what the pros and cons were and how these impacted the key reasons quoted in the leaflet (attached to our current bins last week) as justification. I have seen slight of hand flimflam artists more transparent than the municipality’s proposal and request for feedback.

The CVRD implemented similar truck auto dumping technology several years ago and some elderly found the bins to be too large and heavy to be manually transported to the curb in rural areas with long driveways and that the bins are too large to be transported to the curb via many passenger vehicles as would have been possible with smaller containers. An automated system similar to the one proposed appears that it will be slower and thus require more trucks and more personnel to cover the same areas. Again, no comparison or justification for more resources if required.

Mike Wilkinson,


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