Letter to the editor.

Letter: put pressure on suppliers of plastic

What is the average shopper to do, unpackage it in the store?

Here in North Cowichan we have a green box for our compostables, especially handy for people who don’t have a garden.

The things we do buy come in needless packaging, e.g. plastic. Take a walk through any store and you’ll find 99 per cent is packaged in plastic.

What is the average shopper to do, unpackage it in the store? Guess where that will end up? I’m tired of us, the average shopper, being blamed for causing this problem.

The answer is with the supplier and the plastic makers.

I’d also like to know how we, again, the innocent shopper, can reuse all this plastic. Certainly, there will be all kinds of clever ideas for reuse and recycle, but in the end it is still plastic that will eventually be garbage.

I’ve complained to many store managers and they all tell me that is the way the goods come into the store.

Again, put pressure on the suppliers of the plastic.

I know, we can take our own paper bags to the store, but what then, undo every plastic covered item we buy, right in the store, and transfer it to our paper bag? I don’t think that will go down well with the store manager.

Georgina Knight,


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