Letters to the editor.

Imagine what pipeline money could have done during COVID

Government needs to prioritize a green recovery from hardship

In 2018, the Trudeau government purchased the Trans Mountain pipeline, a massive fossil fuel expansion project that lacks Indigenous consent and would be a disaster for our climate.

On top of that, the pipeline is costing the public tens of billions of dollars in the middle of a global pandemic and economic recession. Imagine all the things this money could do instead? For a fraction of that amount, the Trudeau government could end boil-water advisories in Indigenous communities once and for all. For less than a billion dollars, the Trudeau government could provide PPE to protect teachers and school staff from the COVID-19 transmission.

We are in a pivotal moment. We need our government to be brave and we need them to prioritize a green recovery from this time of hardship. A recovery plan that helps us build back better is a plan that invests in our communities and builds resilience for the future. Investing billions in a climate-wrecking pipeline is taking us in the opposite direction.

Susan Higginbotham,

Salt Spring Island

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