Letter to the editor.

Huge benefits to be reaped from community forestry

North Cowichan can easily emulate the success shown in Mission

Can the North Cowichan municipal forest be a significant benefit to the community? Yes, judging from a recent publication The Tree Farm describing the history and operation of Canada’s first community forest at Mission, B.C.

This well-written book by Michelle Rhodes relates how Mission has become a role model of sustainable community forestry in Canada. The book describes how the forest operations, working in concert with the indigenous community and the provincial government, has reaped financial rewards and provided recreational camping, hiking and biking trails.

Not only have the profits been used to build a library and substantially contribute to other community facilities, the community forest has paid employment, economic, social, recreational and educational dividends.

By learning from Mission’s lead we can reap the same benefits in North Cowichan.

Don Graham,


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