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Housing project brings purpose of an official community plan into question

Half of North Cowichan councillors voted against modular home park development

I found the letter to the editor (Local governments must stop blocking affordable housing, Courier Nov. 4) concerning the proposed development of 108 modular homes at 9090 Trans Canada Highway in Chemainus to be quite interesting. But, I think she fails to appreciate that half of the North Cowichan councillors did not support a project that contradicts their own Official Community Plan.

What is the purpose of a plan if it will only be ignored? Town planning is what makes our communities livable. We have residential development, single family and multi-family, with access to parks, schools and services.

When Chemainus was first settled, you may have found pigs wallowing in the mud on their streets. As our society has advanced, town planning surely benefits us all. Once development happens, from poor planning, it is very difficult to make changes, a case in point being the log shredding operation on Smiley Road and recycling plant on the TCH.

If Chemainus was being developed as a new town, heavy industrial would be well separated from residential areas.

Why 9090 TCH was zoned for a mobile home park 45 years ago, no one seems to be able to answer. The site is separated from town by the TCH. There is no transit, no taxi service and walking to town is difficult (45 minutes) and dangerous (no sidewalks down Henry Road).

On top of this, when all is said and done, a small one-bedroom mobile home will sell for close to $300,000. This is for a home without land and little long term security. I think everyone, rich or poor, deserves better than this.

Barbara Lowen,


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