Letters to the editor.

Health worker wages don’t tell the whole story

Inclusion of supervisors and overtime can make a big difference to the bottom line

Joe Sawchuk (Courier letters to the editor Dec. 16) tells us some interesting facts about the pay received by Island Health employees, but he leaves some questions unanswered.

How many supervisory personnel are included in these figures? They are typically paid at a higher rate than the rank and file worker. More important, he doesn’t tell us what the hourly rate is for health workers. If you tell me that a worker earned $80,000 in a year, that still doesn’t tell me what their hourly rate is. That $80,000 might include a lot of overtime.

Health workers have told us that they have been obliged to work long hours to keep up with the increasing demand for health care. Many of them would be happy to make less money if they could have more time to relax and restore their physical and mental health.

I’m trying to do my part to stay out of the hospital. I’m fully vaccinated and I’m careful how I mingle with other people. I hope Sawchuk can say the same.

Ken Hiebert,


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