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Fireworks not worth the anxiety it causes

Loud noise frightens pets, rocks windows in Chemainus

I reside in Chemainus.

Halloween night I was rocked out of bed by close neighbours who thought it would be fun to light fireworks.

Our pup and cats were scared and I was scared too as the loud noise rocked our old windows. I had to get up from bed to try to calm my pets. My heart was beating fast.

I think about those who have Post Traumatic System Disorder and are awakened by the loud sound of the fireworks reminding them of their past traumas.

I would like The District of North Cowichan to ban fireworks. The few moments of incredible colourful light is not worth the anxiety it causes to their neighbours.

I am interested to hear what other opinions people in Chemainus have about this topic.

Diana McCuaig,


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