Earth’s carrying capacity exceeded long ago

Earth’s carrying capacity exceeded long ago

Politicial systems worldwide refuse to address the issue as never-ending economic growth

I read with interest in our local Capital News paper your article on overpopulation as a huge problem for Earth (Courier, Sept. 20).

As a biologically trained science grad I was always impressed by the theory of “carrying capacity,” the supposed ability of our planet to absorb and cleanse from our impacts – be they agricultural, population demands, resource utilization, pollution, the list goes on.

Your analysis is bang on and we, in my opinion, have exceeded carrying capacity a long time ago. The political systems worldwide will never address these issues as never-ending economic growth and the Earth’s health cannot be reconciled.

With increasing energy in the biosphere, it will make life more and more challenging without the necessary evolutionary time span that allows us to adapt to a much less hospitable home.

Thanks for your message.

Dave Nicol