Director not considering other options for Saltair Community Centre

Director not considering other options for Saltair Community Centre

Pouring money into a dilapidated heap doesn’t make sense

Re: Letter to the Editor ‘Let the Society prove Community Centre is needed’ – Courier Sept. 21 by Mel Dorey CVRD Director Area G

Dorey seems so set on keeping the Saltair Mount Brenton School for a community centre without considering any other options.

I can’t help but think he is trying to divert the public from the real issues involving the Mount Brenton School.

Sounds like he is talking about an outdoor adventure school with his notes about:

“The more opportunities you have to meet and relate to people, the happier you will be. Having a chat with someone, even a stranger causes a release of the happy hormone called oxytocin into the bloodstream. And it is also important to be able to walk or bike to these events for a healthier body and less weight gain. Exercising releases endorphins into the bloodstream, and if you walk on a natural trail, you get an extra dose.”

What a wonderful illusion Dorey has painted to help fix up the old Mount Brenton School Community Centre.

To quote a song I heard; “What’s it got to do, got to do with it?” I live next to a forested park and hear people walking and talking all the time. Many people bring their dogs along also for a happier walk; Mel forgot to mention that.

So much for that delightful pastime, the real issue is the Mount Brenton School facade, a less pleasant or creditable reality for a Community Centre, having to pour $3 million into that dilapidated heap. I hope the CVRD will have a good look at following the Asset Management Policy in carrying out the Conditional Assessments on the school building.

There are many other options that have to be explored.

Bob Ennis