Congratulations on proposed open burning bylaw in North Cowichan

More burning days allow least air pollution

More days will allow choice of least air pollution.

I congratulate you on your proposed open burning bylaw for the Municipality of North Cowichan.

I am a retired former professional biologist and former professional forester living on 2.6 acres in a log house on the southwest slopes of Mount Richards. The terrain is partly wooded, steep and broken, with brush and open areas. Because I am on a well, the grass and small brush turns brown and very dry from June to October. Every year, I have to reduce the extreme fire hazard from woody debris, branches, windfalls and natural dieback, by making small piles for later burning.

Extending the burning season will allow me to wait for better drying, and then choosing the best venting window for a fast burn with least air pollution.

Reinhard Muller

North Cowichan